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Fluorescent Brightener PS-2000H

◆ Main component stilbene derivatives

◆ technical index

Appearance: blue-violet dispersion

Ionicity: non-ionic

Color light: blue light

Solubility: evenly dispersed in water

PH (1% aqueous solution): 5.0-7.0

◆ Performance and characteristics

It has the characteristics of strong fluorescence, high whiteness, good light resistance and washing resistance, and good sublimation fastness.

◆ Scope of application

Mainly used for whitening and brightening polyester and its blended fabrics.

◆ How to use

1. Pad dyeing hot melt method:

Dosage: 1-3g/L (adjusted according to sample test)

Process flow: two dip and two rolling (rolling rate 70%) → pre-baking (100°C) → baking (180-200°C, 20-30 seconds)

Note (1) After the fabric is pre-treated, it must be washed to prevent residual alkali on the fabric.

2. dip dyeing method:

PS-2000H0.2-0.3%(owf); bath ratio: 1:10-30; PH: 5-10 (weakly acidic water bath is preferred)

Process: 120-130°C×30-60min → washing → drying → shaping

◆ Packaging and storage

5kg and 25kg plastic drums are sealed and stored at room temperature for six months.

◆ Cautions

1. The product information is for reference, research and appraisal only, and the company does not assume the responsibility and patent disputes caused by this.

2. If you have any technical or usage problems, please contact our company in time.

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